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My Inner Child Wears A Tiara

“Want to see me twirl?” my three-year-old niece whispers closely into my ear. “Of course I do!  Show me!”  She leaps off the couch into a celebratory twirl of gusto!  Her arms proudly fan through the air as she spins

Fairytales Never Die

Grandma’s favorite story was her fairytale love story.  At 82, her face lit up as she told me how she had waited his table at her aunt’s boarding house, how he had asked her to the ice cream social, and

The Art of Wedding Video

Call me conceited, but I love watching our wedding videos.  Why?  I can’t get enough of the beauty all over each video.  It’s your job to make your wedding day beautiful, but it’s our job is to make sure you

You Get What You Pay For – What Goes Into Making A Good Wedding Video?

  You Get What You Pay For. A LOT goes into creating a wedding video! WHAT ARE YOU PAYING FOR? Service.  Jason keeps in close contact with all clients and makes sure they are pleased with their video. Expertise.  We

Learning to Waltz

When I was a little girl, my Dad taught me how to waltz.  I put my tiny hands in his and stepped clumsily onto his feet.  “Hang on,” he whispered as he counted out, “1-2-3, 1-2-3”. He insisted that we

A Silent Videographer Finds Her Voice

I’ve helped Jason shoot wedding videos for many years.  I love it, but I rarely get to ooh and ahh at the weddings like every other gal does.   You see, videographers don’t say a whole lot on the wedding day because