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Fairytales Never Die

Angie's Grandparents

Grandma’s favorite story was her fairytale love story.  At 82, her face lit up as she told me how she had waited his table at her aunt’s boarding house, how he had asked her to the ice cream social, and how her aunt gave her the OK to go on her first date.  Grandpa had made her feel special, beautiful, and cherished – exactly how a girl wants to feel when she falls in love.

You’d never guess that Grandpa had died 20 years prior because while she told their story, she was happy, young, and free again.  Her prince was still filling her heart with love after his death. When they had fallen in love, it was her time to shine, her time to feel cherished.  No matter how much time passes, a girl does not forget that feeling.  I only wish I could go back in time and see them so young and in love.

May you enjoy your own fairytale.  May you tell your kids and your grandchildren about it someday.  Hopefully, you’ll even be able to show them your wedding video.

Fairytales never die.

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