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My Inner Child Wears A Tiara

Tiara For Blog Post

“Want to see me twirl?” my three-year-old niece whispers closely into my ear.

“Of course I do!  Show me!”  She leaps off the couch into a celebratory twirl of gusto!  Her arms proudly fan through the air as she spins all over the living room, her brown eyes gazing upward like there is no ceiling and she’s going to touch the clouds at any moment!  “See me?” she asks.  “Do I look like a princess?”

“You look JUST like a princess, Sweetheart!” I shout jubilantly, “You ARE a princess!  You’re beautiful!”  She giggles through her fearless smile, twirling more until she crashes into me for a hug.  To see her acting out her fantasy is fun for me because even as a grown woman, I know how she feels.  Behind our daily routines, our independent natures, don’t most of us still want to feel like a princess who will live happily ever after?  I think we’re born with it.

My Inner Child Wears a Tiara


Of course, not all girls are treated like the princesses they are deep inside.  Some princes turn out to be toads and some of the villains of life continue to sabotage our dreams. But I love the fairytale.  I still wish for my darling niece to find the perfect prince someday.  I wish this for all the girls I know.  May he sweep you off your feet, may he save you from something terrifying, and may your eyes light up every time you tell the story of how you danced with him at the ball.


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