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You Get What You Pay For – What Goes Into Making A Good Wedding Video?


You Get What You Pay For.

A LOT goes into creating a wedding video!


Service.  Jason keeps in close contact with all clients and makes sure they are pleased with their video.

Expertise.  We have been producing weddings for over 10 years, so we know how to stay out of the way, but also how to tactfully film all of the key shots of the day.

Equipment.  A family keepsake video should look and sound great.  As technology changes rapidly, so do our cameras, lighting kits, microphones, etc.

Labor.  The cost of 1-2 videographers shooting on the day of the wedding and the cost of 1-2 editors who process the many hours shot for you.

Post-production.  We sort through hours of footage from both cameras to pick the best shots.  Then, we make color corrections, add dissolves & titles, and blend natural sounds with music.

Product. We make sure your money is well spent.  For every wedding, we create 5 DVD’s with custom designed printing on the DVDs and cases.  We upload a trailer of your video for you to share online, can put your whole video on a portable device, and mail it to you for your convenience.


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