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The Art of Wedding Video

Call me conceited, but I love watching our wedding videos.  Why?  I can’t get enough of the beauty all over each video.  It’s your job to make your wedding day beautiful, but it’s our job is to make sure you can see the culmination of your artistic choices again when it’s over.  The wedding day is packed with a whole slew of gorgeous creations, which lend themselves perfectly to video art.  For instance, every bride is a masterpiece all her own.  She’s like a majestic sculpture that has come to life for a day.  While she strolls around in all her splendor, we capture every nuance of her loveliness.  Why do we stalk this pretty lady all day like paparazzi?

Think about it: a bride only sees herself from one or two angles when she looks in the mirror that morning, and although she’ll hear a hundred people say, “You look beautiful!” she doesn’t actually see herself much on her wedding day.  That’s ok because she’ll see it all in her video.  We make sure of that.  We shoot her make up and hair from all angles, close ups of her jewelry, nails, ring, shoes, and best of all her gown with all its intricate detail. Watching her wedding video will be like receiving an award for a project that took months to complete – a blue ribbon for the wedding art she’s created with her true love.  It’s not my wedding, but I can love it all the same!


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