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Questions & Answers For Your
Wedding videographer

How long does it take to get my wedding video?

Take a deep breath here folks. The truth is, our videos generally take about 5-6 months to receive. Why? During wedding season, we shoot 1-2 weddings about every weekend, so we have many videos to edit. That said, each video is sacred and deserves its “face time” for editing.  You don’t want a rushed wedding video.  You only get one and we make sure we get it right for you.  As a small business, we do all of our own work and simply won’t budge on quality in order to get the videos out faster.  You’ll have this video your whole life, so it’s worth the short wait in comparison to your many years together.

How do I hire Pittman Productions to produce my wedding video?

  1. Choose a package and whichever add-ons you want (see pricing page).
  2. Contact Jason to reserve your date & discuss your video needs.
  3. Fill out your contract agreement and send it.
  4. Pay us ½ of your payment to reserve your date via check, cash, or PayPal.
  5. Pay us the other ½ of your payment two weeks before your wedding.

Can I pick my own music for my wedding video?

Yes!  Just provide us a list of at least 10 songs before your wedding day.  (Most couples don’t want to think about it after the wedding.) Instrumental songs work best, but your favorite songs with lyrics work well too.  Just make sure there are no “break up” songs in your list!

Do you take Photos?

Nope. We are experts in video production, which is completely different from photography.  We are happy to recommend our favorite photographers.

Why should I bother with a wedding video?

1. So you can see and remember your wedding day!  Like any event, your wedding day will get lost in the mix of all your other memories in life.  Watching your wedding is like going back in time.  Couples really do feel like they are “there” again when they watch our work.

2. A wedding video is an investment in your marriage.  Many couples have a tradition of watching their video every year on their anniversary.  Also, watching your wedding video will help keep your love alive when you and your spouse do not feel close to each other.

3. See your guests.  You’ll have footage of everyone you love in one place: your movie. Miss someone who attended your wedding? Just pop your movie in and see them again.

4. The bride deserves to shine!  It’s not every day you get to be the belle of the ball and prance around in a swanky dress!  ALL brides want to feel pretty and peek back at how great they looked when they married their husband.  Pictures are great, but video simply shows much more.

5. Show your kids someday.  They’ll love it!

Do you travel beyond your area?

Yes!  We love to travel.  We are located in Central Illinois, but travel to Chicago for about half of our weddings and have a zest to travel anywhere new!

Can I customize my wedding video package?

Yes, we offer many add-ons so you can choose whatever services you’d like. We know that every couple is looking for something different, so we’re flexible. Check out our pricing page to start designing your video package. Once you’ve signed our contract, the price doesn’t change unless you add a service after the fact.

Are you going to shove cameras in our faces?

Nope, most couples forget we are even shooting. On your wedding day, you’ll feel famous for a few minutes when you first see us working, but then you’ll be so busy getting married that we’ll be pretty much invisible to you most of the day. We don’t say much and we certainly won’t pose you or try to get your attention. It’s your photographer’s job to make things happen as far as posing goes, whereas we will just record things that happen naturally.

Do you have a lot of experience?

Yes. Jason has been shooting wedding videos for over 10 years and has produced well over 200. He started the business in Los Angeles where he shot weddings in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, Pasadena, etc. Having lived in Chicago, too, he still shoots weddings in Downtown, around Michigan Avenue, or in the suburbs. Creating a wedding video is hard work. There are so many variables that can go wrong.  Experience matters.

What do I get if I hire a wedding videographer?

1. Professional production. Since we do this all the time, we know exactly what to shoot. We use a cinematic, documentary approach. We also have an unobtrusive style, meaning that we do not interfere with your day. Jason is the lead wedding videographer, but employs several videographers he trusts.

2. Professional Post-Production. Most of what you are paying for is the editing.  All the footage we shoot of the day must be sifted through several times in order to find the best shots to add to the final product. We do color correcting, audio correction, and add music.  We are proud of our work and are known for our quality.